Skidmore's Leather Cream (1oz)

Skidmore's Leather Cream (1oz)

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Skidmore's Leather Cream is an all-purpose leather care product which cleans, conditions, and protects all types of leather.

Regular use will build a degree of waterproofing on the leather. Use on saddles, tack, chaps, shoes + boots, purses, motorcycle leathers, saddlebags, car upholstery, and leather furniture.

Bring dry, curled, cracked leather back to life and protect your leather goods from the harsh effects of the environment - sun, wind, dryness, and moisture.

Leather is a tough material, but it needs to be cared for! Protect your investment with Skidmore's Leather Cream.

1 ounce pot
Made with plants, trees + beeswax
Apply with soft cotton cloth.