Behind the Brand


We started Finns fickle goods to provide quality, authentically designed & affordable goods that will last you a lifetime.

Kristen is the main maker of the products made at Finns Fickle Goods. Being a maker has always come natural but landing on being a bag maker didn't come first. Changing frequently from one thing to the next, repurposing & rarely producing more than one of the same product inevitably coined her as "fickle" in her line of work, which helped initiate the business name, "Finns Fickle Goods".

Kristen’s husband, Joshua, is the maker behind the scenes that breathes life into her visions. He engineers the show setup, props and lends a creative and reinforcing hand to all the goods made and produced.

Kristen & Joshua have a son, Finn who is now 9. When thinking of the business name it was important to them that they include their son in every way, whether that meant literally with his help or in the name.

All goods are handmade in their shop in Seville, Ohio. We work with local leather distributors to help support “local”.

As of 2018, we donate 10% of all net profits to local non-profits of our choice.

We aren’t just another bag business. We are hardworking folks, like you, hand-making beautiful quality products that will serve you til the end of your drifting days.